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Taiji / Tai Chi / Taichi...

...is an ancient and profound body, mind, and energy practice system that combines coordinated full-body movements, breath-work, and meditation.


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Join us Saturdays for Traditional Taiji Practice, LIVE via Zoom.

Classes and Private Sessions available in English, Spanish, Hindi, Swedish, and Mandarin.

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Participate in this week’s LIVE Taiji Practice Session, with Hongtao, certified Taiji Master and experienced Taiji teacher.

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Ongoing Members have online access to our LIVE Classes, Recorded Courses, and Archives enhanced with visual aids, to help you establish and progress in your Taiji Practice. Members also receive discount offers on Private Sessions and other Online Taiji-Practice Courses, not available to non-members.

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Benefits of regular Taiji Practice:


• Improve strength, balance & flexibility
• Enhance general mobility and  physical coordination
• Deepen fascial and muscular articulation
• Increase feeling awareness of the body
• Helps consciously relax and release muscular tension


• Balance & focus the mind

• Relieve & treat depression, anxiety & stress,
• Release psycho-somatic stress & accumulative micro-trauma
• Improve general wellbeing
• Cut through mental fog and heighten clarity
• Deepen the connection with your spiritual self


• Strengthen the immune system
•Increase blood circulation

• Purify organs & body tissues
• Significantly increase blood-oxygen levels

• Lower blood-pressure

• Relieve & treat a wide range of medical conditions.

What you can learn at TaijiPractice.com:

Our Live classes and webinars for small & large groups, recorded courses, and Live-Session Archives enhanced with visual aids, are attentively designed to bring you the highest-quality production and Taiji learning online.

Traditional topical study includes:

• Taiji / Tai Chi / Taichi / 太極
Qigong / Chi-Gong / 氣功
• Neigong / Nei-Gong / 內功
• Taogong / Tao-Gong / 道功
• Tuishou (Push Hands) / 推手




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