Taiji / Tai Chi / Taichi...

...is an ancient and profound body, mind, and energy practice system that combines coordinated full-body movements, breath-work, and meditation.

Physical Benefits

• Improve strength, balance & flexibility
• Enhance general mobility and physical coordination
• Deepen fascial and muscular articulation
• Increase feeling awareness of the body
• Helps consciously relax and release muscular tension

Mental Benefits

• Balance & focus the mind

• Relieve & treat depression, anxiety & stress,
• Improve general wellbeing
• Cut through mental fog and heighten clarity
• Deepen the connection with your spiritual self

Health Benefits

• Strengthen the immune system
•Increase blood circulation

• Purify organs & body tissues
• Significantly increase blood-oxygen levels

• Lower blood-pressure

• Relieve & treat a wide range of medical conditions.